What Neraverse Legendary Offers

Have we ever been through a time where we meet with friends or communities, where we would love to spend time competing, playing games for fun, however, our expectations die when looking for games to play with this community, as many games are limited. to being a single player, or even just playing with strangers.

This problem is very recurrent in the world of standard video games today, the essence of sharing among friends is lost, now if we delve fully into the world of the game, we will realize that in the world of standard video games, that It is already rare to find it with video games that accept "clans" of players, in this world of crypto, it is even rarer.

Neraverse Legendary is an interactive video game focused on planet earth in general. Taking references from climate change, garbage and animal care. They need your help to prevent enemies from stealing the planet’s vital energy! It is our turn to help. In today’s world, the environment has had many problems. Climate change is the biggest threat we face. Generating many consequences for humans and living beings. Having very strong repercussions throughout our history, even more so in recent years. There are different causes of it. Be it global warming, garbage, water, air and light pollution. It is necessary to create more awareness about the situation on planet earth. What better way to reach people than this way. Neraverse Legendary is an interactive video game. In addition to being fun, try to raise awareness about the environment, such as climate change and garbage. Promoting love and respect for planet earth and the environment. Focusing also on caring for animals, where they themselves will be the protagonists with you. The animals, with your help, will be able to repel the threat that approaches the earth to protect our home.

Neraverse Legendary

Neraverse Legendary is a platform video game, which guarantees hours of fun. In addition, from multiple forms of entertainment, where he tries to send a message of conscience to everyone. In NeraverseLegendary you are the protagonist of this story. Defend the earth from the attacks of the Donkers , beings from space, with evil intentions. Who seek to steal the vital energy of the planet earth called TNL , you have to avoid it!. Help the animals to prevent these beings from space, take control of the TNL energy, because if they succeed, the planet will be too sick, are you ready for this adventure? – Action

– Interactive

– Adventure

– Fun – Learning

– Consciousness

– Great rewards

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