The best paid profession is being a gamer

Play to earn video games are here to stay as they are allowing gamers to earn money for doing what they are most passionate about: playing. These games are revolutionizing the cryptocurrency industry, due to an extremely attractive new format.

Its operation is simple, they reward players for their hours of play through NFT or non-fungible tokens. NFTs are non-tangible digital assets that are irreplaceable or inimitable, such as a unique work of art, that can be bought or sold like any property.
In short, the entry of blockchain technology into the video game industry has allowed gamers to trade and speculate with these tokens. Thanks to play to earn games, both investors and gamers can have income.

How can I earn money playing?

Neraverse Legendary offers tournaments where several participants will enter and can win good money as long as you are one of the best, so enter and participate in this great world of racing and be the best.

Why play in neraverse legendary?

Neraverse is an interactive and addictive racing game, many racing games are sponsored by large technology companies such as Intel, Nvidia and others, which makes Neraverse a game to have fun.

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