How does neraverse legendary work?

How does Neraverse Legendary work? Neraverse Legendary is a racing video game, in the purest style of the classics, such as blur or mario kart. Where you will pass other players where they will compete for who will be the best. A game where you need concentration and good reflexes. Neraverse is a video game that is based on classic games. Where you can get rewards, get items, upgrade and trade them with your friends. All this accompanied by hours of fun and entertainment. Despite being a racing video game, it sets itself apart from the rest, with different mechanics and entertaining gameplay. Including a story made to raise awareness about the environmental situation.
In its story mode, you will have to face entities called Donkers, which seek to make the land sick. All while seizing the life energy of the earth. In turn, during the game you will use the currency for which you can get characters, upgrades, car customization and more!


To start your adventure, you must get a coin which you can get in different ways. There are multiple game modes where you can compete against your friends, strangers, even between entire clans, all this while you level up, improve and customize the vehicle, exchanging and selling parts within the game’s marketplace, giving you the opportunity to earn a lot of money as you have fun in the best possible way!

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